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Our hand crafted organic herbal blends for filling the home with aroma, using in a sacred bath or a nourishing hot tea. Each package provides enough for 12 individual brews. ***This selection will send 3 separate packages for 12 brews each. Total of 36 brews. Save $3.00 per pack.***

Please include the name of the brews you are selecting. May mix and match.

Shipping included. 

Please select from these Herbal Blends: (Don't see one that you want or need a blend formulated just for you? Email us or PM us on FaceBook for your own personlized herbal blend!) 

*Ode to Ostara *The Great Conjunction *Belly Blessing *Gabby's Blend *Forest Magic *Mega Mind *It's Ok! *Unpacking the Past *Meadows *The Honey Pot *Bebe La Madre *20/20 Vision *Fire of the Dragon *Love and Warmth *Welcome *Divinely Connected and Protected *Opposites Attract *Softness *Follow the Breadcrumbs *Saaaaweeeeettttt!!!! *Ebb and Flow *Lift Me Higher *Out with the Old, In with the New! *Peace *Grandmothers Love *Comfort and Joy *Goddess Kali *Goddess Blend *Yule Log

Each blend and a list of its properties can be found on our Facebook Page: Sacred Self Apothecary







Daily Kitchen Blend Triple Pack - 3 Packs
Add Names of Herbal Blends Selected. Blend names are in Product description. *
USD $ 36.00