Select 10 Sacred Bath Recipes from list below and build your own kit:

Includes 10 Sacred Baths of your choice (recipes in carrier oil and ready to use-15ML), Quartz Crystal and White Candle. Just add some hot tea, quiet time and a journal! 

Bath Option 1: Love Yourself Madly Bath

Bath Option 2: The Open Your Heart to Love Bath

Bath Option 3: The Bath to Success

Bath Option 4: The Vitalize Your Feminine Power Bath 

Bath Option 5: The Chakra Balance Bath

Bath Option 6: The Releasing Addictions Bath

Bath Option 7: The Treat Your Body Like Your Temple Bath

Bath Option 8: Protection Bath

Bath Option 9: Bath Bonding with Your Guardian Angel(s)

Bath Option 10: Karmic Cleanse Bath

Bath Option 11: The Bounteous Harvest Bath

Bath Option 12: Lift the Veil Bath

Bath Option 13: The Ascended Master Enlightenment Bath

Instructions for bathing ceremony including hot tea suggestion included with order.  

Sacred Bath- Mix/Match Make Your Own Kit
Please enter option number for baths! Select 7 of them Example: Bath 1,3,4,5,7,11,13 *
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